Cory Writes


Photo by Katherine Raiton, age 9

Photo by Katherine Raiton, age 9

Yep. That’s me. Caught on camera by my daughter who wants to be a photographer one day. This is her big debut.

I’ll admit, it’s not the most incredible picture of me. It’s not a polished head shot or a writer-in-action shot or even a picture of me “working.” But here’s the thing: my child took this photo. When I look at it, I can see myself through her eyes, and that makes me feel something. Something good.

Here’s the other thing: I’m always working. At my desk, driving the car, shampooing my hair, pushing the grocery cart (and no one wants a picture of that). I’m always thinking about words and jigsawing them around in my brain to make them work. For me, my clients and their audience.

And the best words? Those that make me feel something, like my daughter’s photo.

Clients say it best.


“Cory's copywriting delights readers and brings our strategic concepts to life in ways that are creative, though-provoking and original.”

—Richard L. Camp, Executive Creative Director, Camp Creative



“Cory is a creative and professional copywriter. She has been instrumental in launching our company and brand from the ground up. I feel extremely confident that her work product will be on-point with our values and will connect to our customers in meaningful ways. She takes the time to understand our business and projects, and is extremely organized, dedicated and dependable when working within deadlines. I've greatly appreciated her constant attention to detail and would recommend Cory for any variety of writing projects. She is creative and versatile, and has always walked the extra mile to meet our needs.”

—Ellie Anest, Owner, Eleven Eleven Winery



“Cory has partnered with me on many projects. She is able to quickly understand the needs of a project and turn that into concise messaging. Not only is Cory great to work with, she's accessible, affordable and has helped achieve our goals on many projects. I've really enjoyed our collaboration. Plus, she's a great baker (that always helps in strategy meetings, right?!).”

—Steve Zeiden, Marketing Program Manager, The Standard